What categories of Awards are there?

What is the awards period?

The Awards are judged for the period July 2017 to June 2018 for the main awards. The Media Awards are judged for the period May 2017 – April 2018

I want to enter AdFocus, how much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to enter the AdFocus Awards.

I want to enter AdFocus, where do I go?

Entries Are Now Closed

Why do I need to register to send in our agency’s submission?

It is a security feature and it also allows us to contact the correct person should we have questions about the submission.

How to enter your category

Please note all entries will be completed online. Select your category, fill in the questionnaire, check it, make sure you’re happy with everything, then save it. Add in the supporting documentation (BEE Certificate) and add in the creative in the link provided.

What do I submit?

  • 1. Completed AdFocus agency questionnaire and a rationale (max 1 000 words). Ensure that these two elements are uploaded as one pdf and not as separate pdfs.
  • 2. BEE certificate
  • 3. Examples of your work. These may be submitted online; please send us the URL (link) where we can view examples of your work. Do not use links with access time limits.

Can I make changes to the submission once I’ve completed the questionaire?

Yes, but only up to the closing date.

How do I know that you’ve received it?

You’ll receive a confirmation email with what you’ve sent us within a maximum of four hours. This will be sent to the address that you used when you registered.