## Financial Mail ## AdFocus Awards | $Left | $Middle | $Right | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | Since 1990, the Financial Mail AdFocus Awards have become a landmark on the South African marketing and communications landscape. But just as that landscape has changed, so has AdFocus, to reflect the priorities of the industry. Today it is unique, by recognising agencies and individuals, not just for their creative and marketing skills, but for their all-round business acumen.| ![](/Content/images/uploads/4.jpg)| ![](/Content/images/uploads/6.jpg)| || ![](/Content/images/uploads/7.jpg)| ![](/Content/images/uploads/8.jpg)| --$Left ### MAIN CATEGORIES * LARGE ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE YEAR * MEDIUM ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE YEAR * SMALL ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE YEAR * MEDIA AGENCY OF THE YEAR * INDEPENDENT MEDIA AGENCY * SPECIALIST AGENCY OF THE YEAR * PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY OF THE YEAR * STUDENT OF THE YEAR * There is also an overall AGENCY OF THE YEAR, drawn from top performers across the individual categories. --$Right ### AGENCY AWARDS * AGENCY GROUP AWARD * TRANSFORMATION AWARD * PARTNERSHIP OF THE YEAR * AGENCY ADAPTABILITY AWARD * AFRICAN IMPACT AWARD ### NOMINATIONS * LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD * INDUSTRY LEADER OF THE YEAR * SHAPESHIFTER AWARD --$End